Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Frustration Comes in Bundles!

When feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and frustrated, take a step back and breathe. 

Frustration comes in bundles,
Not so neatly tied
With loose threads here and there,

Leading to angst,
Echoing and reverberating
In vessels depleted by life.

Tearing at minds,
Washing away feelings,
It lives in negative space.

Move Frustration over.
Channel its urges to explode
Into streaming bursts.

Negate the stress.
Open the space.
Breathe in positivity,

So frustration leads
To change in action. 

Written in response to my colleague's blog post:  Frustration and a need to humor my inner adolescent...just for a second, http:buff.ly/1g4vvgt

1 comment:

  1. I enjoyed your poem, especially the last line. Thinking about frustration as a way to make change is a really positive way to think about it.