Sunday, March 30, 2014

National Poetry Month: Come REFLECT WITH ME as I Bring a Community of Reflective Writers Together

As March closes and April makes its entrance, winter becomes a passing memory on Long Island. People speak of flowers, gardening, and various springtime pastimes that were unavailable during the long winter months. Although spring has not launched into full bloom, signals of renewal and rebirth are making their move as the human spirit awakens to nature's renderings. It is fitting during the month of April that poetic expression showcases itself as an art form, for as Dr. Maya Angelou says, "Poetry is music for the human voice." 

Let us join hands, hearts, and spirit to speak of our awakenings this April. 


To honor the voices of those who hear the music inside their hearts, the REFLECT WITH ME Community of Writers will broaden its reach, bringing voices from near and far to awaken springtime senses through artistic expressions. 

JOIN me this April to add color, vibrancy, and voice to our sense of awakening. What started in March with the collaboration of sixteen writers and photographers, across the states, was a modest attempt to let human voice take flight. With National Poetry Month upon us, I am hoping that more writers will come forward to showcase their talents and create a collection of artistic expressions based on the topic, April Awakenings.

Let this project open the doors of connectedness and positivity across the globe to allow poetry to sing its song in a genuine spirit of collaboration.

Lend your voice, your spring awakenings, connect photographs of springtime with poetic expressions. 

Join the Community of Reflective Writers. 

Share a poem, poetic expression, photograph, or visual to build an explosion of thoughts during National Poetry Month.

I will be happy to share the collection in a virtual gallery on this site and Pinterest with a link on Facebook. Enjoy springtime!

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