Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April Awakenings

Welcome to 
"April Awakenings" 
Showcase of Artistic Expressions 

featuring a 
 Growing Community of Reflective Writers 
from across the United States and as far away as Australia


As the 2014 National Poetry Month comes to a close, it appears that the art of poetic writing has taken a prominent place on the Twitter channels, giving rise to an explosion of sights and sounds. At this site, poetic expression has become a connector, linking like-minded, imaginative spirits in a creative sharing of thoughts and photographs about their awakenings this April. Allow these thoughts to carry you into a new season of possibilities.

It is with pleasure that I open the REFLECT WITH ME Gallery to showcase the different ways voice can be expressed. Enthusiastically, I have collected original, artistic poetic expressions and photographs to publicly share my excitement for this work. Noticings and wonderings occur each day and here below you will find balance, flow, and reflective thinking expressed creatively by a variety of writers and photographers. 

Enjoy the showcase!

of Artistic Expressions

Please peruse the original poetic expressions and accompanying photographs to feel the joy that spring brings each year.

@lester_laminack  -  Author, National Consultant  -  North Carolina

"Poetry begins and ends in the soul." Samantha Hall


@differNtiated4u - Missouri 

@AjmaniK  -  Ohio

Stan Stewart's Instrumentals can be found on SoundCloud

JoAnn Bradley Hackett  -  Long Island, New York

suparna.kudesia@gmail.com  -  Denver, Colorado

On a quiet corner,
there stands a reason
for a mother and daughter
to share a moment of spontaneity. 

Dog Beach on West Cliff in Santa Cruz, California

@mssackstein  -  Long Island, New York


From Matt Pasca's upcoming collection, Raven Wire

Thank you to the reflective writers, poets, and photographers who shared their artistic expressions this April.


Please leave a response, your feedback, or glow & grow thoughts in the comment section. This gesture of collegiality and a community spirit will be appreciated.

I hope you enjoyed this visual experience!

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