Monday, April 28, 2014

End of Year Planning Message => Champion the Child

It is hard to believe that the school year is coming to a close in just two months. 

Perhaps, this is the time to PAUSE, RECALL, AND REFLECT upon our 2013-14 school year actions that has impacted teaching and learning. 

On April 21, 2014, the #NYEDChat moderators did just that. NYEDChat's conversation revolved around the topic of End-of-Year Planning. Question #6 was one that left educators pondering their next move. "What will be your message to teachers and students to end the year on a positive note?" Some interesting responses were:

  1. I would like to inspire a teacher to start student-led conferences. @mhelmer2
  2. It is important to reinforce the message that we are all invested in our students together and that we will stay the course. @A_RiveraNY
  3. In my supportive role as an edtech guy, my message is always, "How can I help you?" Now I'll add, "to end the year strong." @Brendo524
  4. I'm proud of you. I trust you. I value your work. @danieldmccabe
  5. Lifelong learning is a journey, not a destination. Enjoy the journey during the summer and take in all you can. @blancaedu
  6. I ask, "Are you better since September? Since March? Grades aside, what have you really learned?" @scout510
  7. B.E.L.E.I.V.E! Be the educators who live to inspire and empower via excellence! Then, ask, "What's your teaching legacy for 2014?" @2014FloridaTOY
It is with a deep love for the art of teaching that I created a tribute that honors what educators do on a daily basis. This poem, based on a legacy of learning from a passionate educator, Dr. Rita Pierson who is no longer with us, was featured at the end of the #NYEDChat conversation as my end-of-year planning message. 

My End-of-year Planning Checklist for Leaders and Teachers:
  • Noticed, reflected, and wondered with my students and colleagues
  • Modeled each day
  • Let go when the time was right
  • Patiently supported each learner
  • Vigorously and passionately delivered lessons and messages
  • Provided the processes and tools to impact learning
  • Championed the child
May you continue to champion each and every child in your classroom, your building, or your school district so that the learner becomes the main actor on the stage and you the guide that leads. Each learner has the potential to succeed under our care. If we are the gardeners, then, as April turns the corner to May, it is time to see the results of our careful nurturing and pruning. 

With two months left of school, may your year end time be filled with energy, excitement, and a room full of engaged learners right to the very last day of school. 

Every Minute of Learning Counts!

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