Thursday, April 17, 2014

Poetry Alive During National Poetry Month

For aficionados of poetry, Twitter has been lighting up with blogs, sites, workshops, and conversations to celebrate National Poetry Month.  On Sunday, the #spiritchat community hosted a lively conversation, The Spirit of a Poet. One quote by @MitzvahCircle resonated with me, "The spirit of a poet uses words to dance, dream, and create." I believe that a poet is a unique writer who gives from the heart. While posing thoughts that flow and dance across a page, the poet invites the reader to pause, linger over the words, and make a connection. 

In order to hone my own writing, I have frequented several sites that are engaging in poetry writing activities. One of those sites is Poetrepository where author/teacher Mary Lee Hahn has been taking readers on a tour of what she has titled Our Wonderful World. With her keen sense of wondering and a class of young poets to provide feedback, Hahn journeys the world to provide a bird's eye view of human-made and natural wonders. 

Interestingly, she provides links to other writers who have joined her inquisitive path to reveal their perspectives on various wonders. Some writers have contributed many thoughts while I previously provided one poem on the Coliseum using Notegraphy for Day 3 of the journey. Intrigued by Day 16's wonder, the Panama Canal, I decided to compose a second poem. This time I researched the history of this natural wonder and lifted a series of single words from my various readings to present a poem from the viewpoint of the 100 year old canal. I hope the canal's strong voice came forth as it spoke from its heart.

Since writers always appreciate feedback that will improve their craft, I willingly will accept comments. 

In addition, I would like to invite those who have not forwarded me their original poem and accompanying photo on an April Awakening to participate in this literary event that I am hosting at the end of National Poetry Month. You can view the first edition of the poetry collection showcased in March at REFLECT WITH ME: Bringing Together a Community of Writers to Celebrate Life and Learning.

May the spirit of the poet fill your heart and let your thoughts flow in any medium you choose.

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