Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Chocolate in My Garden

I fancy myself a lover of chocolate, all shapes, sizes, and tastes. It is my passion, my go to dessert, melting and swirling so easily in the mouth. It is my comfort at times and my forbidden fixation. Chocolate, rich in color and taste, is a treat to be savored so when I was introduced to chocolate in my garden by a landscaping adviser, I was immediately intrigued. 

Fischetti Landscaping
Preparing for spring renewal and the end of a bitter winter on Long Island, I followed my landscaper/gardener's advice and traveled to a local nursery to view various plantings for a fresh garden look. The day was sunny and bright, so my husband, friend, and I took advantage of the warm weather to enjoy a spring day. Being in the midst of healthy, lush green shrubs, flowering trees, standing tall or serpentined in shape, brought smiles to our faces and a feeling of exuberance for what spring could bring. It was like being in an arboretum with multiple rows of beautiful sights. Not only did I find the just right shrubbery and plants for my gardens but a rich chocolate brown mulch. I was so delighted with my finds that I immediately called my landscaper, Matthew, to work his magic and bring my weather-beaten property back to life. 

Happy Earth Day!
It was on Earth Day that Matt and his gardening crew came to revitalize my gardens, a symbolic gesture of renewal that not only revitalized my property but my spirits. The final product made me smile but better yet it beautified my corner property to make it visually appealing. The chocolate mulch added another layer of delight, just as chocolate icing would brighten a cake so did the mulch enhance my gardens. 

Celebrating Earth Day in such a festive fashion this year made me appreciate the beauty of nature and the gift of landscaping. The earth is a wondrous place. Looking at the several gardens on my property each day makes me grateful for springtime, plantings, and the landscaping-gardening crew who lovingly tend my gardens. 

Earth Day should be an Everyday Celebration!

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