Thursday, June 12, 2014

From Connectivity Flows Possibilities

Connected educators know the value of engaging with colleagues in the virtual world of Twitter chats where there are no walls to learning. At any time during the day, colleague to colleague conversations can be found across the states and globe. These hour long educational chats are generated by a sense of passion and afford teachers and leaders the opportunity to learn, gather information, and become a part of a global community of those committed to impacting teaching and learning. Twitter has provided an avenue to become connected seven days a week and in doing so has expanded the professional world of educators. 

From inside the world of connected educators, I created this poem that speaks of the value of connectivity for personal and professional growth. It is a bird's eye view of a connected conversation meant for those on the fringe of entering the world of virtual learning or an involved connected educator. Enjoy the read and join the conversation that occurs daily. 

Catherine Johnson is hosting Poetry Friday this week so please join the Poetry Friday community at Catherine's site to read the latest submissions. I am honored to be a part of this collaborative venture. 

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