Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summertime's Alluring Call to Relax, Reflect, Recharge

Summertime is
Digging your toes in the sand time,
Relaxing with your favorite book time,
Spending quiet moments alone time,
Families coming together time. 

It is the long awaited vacation time,
Adventure seeking time,
Lazy, hazy days time
Soaking in the sun time.

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Summertime has always been the gift to educators, families, brides, and travelers. It is the season to relax, reflect, and recharge mind, body, and spirit. It is the time to explore your present surroundings or new ones, to luxuriate in serenity, feel the calmness of clear skies, be nourished by rays of sunshine, and lulled by the warmth of summer nights. 

Perhaps this summer it will be your time to find the special place that adds serenity to your days: the seaside, the mountains, or your backyard. If the reflective spirit is calling you, view your surroundings with a different lens. Be immersed in the sights and sounds. Fill your heart with calm and peacefulness. Be lured by the words of Pythagorus:

"Learn to be silent. Let your mind listen and absorb."

With this new awareness, allow a sense of deep relaxation to surface. Let billowy word clouds surround you as you start to view the world in a different way. Recognize the voice that emerges is yours. Let it take flight and serenity take hold. Join the growing community of reflective writers who celebrate summertime's canvas of colors. 

Invitation to Participate

in a virtual gallery of artistic expressions


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Easy Steps to engage in reflective writing and assist me in building a collection of poems and pictures to fill the Summer Serenity Gallery:

  1. Find that special place that allows you to luxuriate in serenity.
  2. Capture its image and couple the photo with a poetic thought. 
  3. Include your original poetic expression or poem with accompanying photo in the comment section or send me a link.
  4. I will post original poems embedded in images as they collect. By the end of the summer, I hope we will have a gallery for showing.

If you are interested in sampling other writers' works and commenting, please stroll over to the first REFLECT WITH ME Gallery of Poetic Expressions that brought together a community of writers who celebrated life and learning in words and images and then, visit the second gallery, April Awakenings Showcase of Artistic Expressions

Enjoy Summertime and the Reflective Writing that Emerges!

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