Monday, June 16, 2014

Moving our Learning Forward Via a Virtual Showcase of Teaching and Learning

In the midst of end-of-year wrap-ups, it is important to pause and reflect upon our journey as educators.

This school year connected educators in New York State and New Jersey, along with others across the states, have engaged in many activities that exemplify a commitment to teaching and learning. We have willingly shared our growth and learning during educational online chats throughout the year. Now, at the close of the school year, it is time to celebrate our journeys

Tonight, June 16, 2014, at 8:30 pm EST, the moderators of #NYEDChat and #njed will blur state lines and remove classroom and office walls to let learning shine. Because we are committed to fostering collaboration and growth, the moderators invite you to post your best practice, important learning, blog post, image, and or poetic expression in the comment section of this blog post. This can be done prior to, during, or after our combo state chat  that will be found under the hashtag #NYEDChat. As educators share their story of success a virtual Showcase of Teaching and Learning will emerge. From comment to comment, tweet to tweet, new learning will be showcased and shared across the states. 

Joining together as a consolidated body of committed educators, we launch this site to allow educators to unveil their best learning. From countless classrooms and offices a collection of learning possibilities showing commitment to the prospects of what education can offer to students will spring. 

In a previous blog, From Connectivity Flows Possibilities, I spoke of the value of engaging colleagues in the virtual world of Twitter chats. This blog site, hosting a virtual Showcase of Teaching and Learning, will serve as an open space for those who wish to celebrate the positives of the 2013-14 school year. Our virtual Showcase of Teaching and Learning will be evidence of what exemplary learning experiences can provide as we continue to raise the bar for ourselves and our learners.

As we build this collaborative Showcase of Teaching and Learning, it is our hope that others will follow our lead. In doing so, we, as connected educators, will blur regional and state lines to share our best practices or experiences that will affect our students’ futures.  

Together We Are One!

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