Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Off to NCTE 15

Anticipation is mounting. It has been one year since I drove with my family to NCTE 14 in Washington, D.C. The autumn winds have died down and Indian Summer-like days have settled once again on Long Island. But wait! The weatherman is predicting 30 degree temperatures in Minneapolis during NCTE 15 signaling a packing nightmare for me. Because I am not a great traveler who packs lightly, I must rethink the organizational plan for my suitcase. Out of my comfort zone issue #1 is coming up. 

Eeks! Calm down. What to do?

I remember the good times of meet-ups, learning, laughter, aha moments, and fun at NCTE 14 to calm my nerves. 

The creative process often helps me when I feel overwhelmed. Creating a video with iMovie while Willie Nelson is singing On the Road Again is my go to release for stress this afternoon. I open iMovie and of all things, I totally forget how to create a trailer. 

Okay, remember. I did watch an Apple tech creating one with a group of 3rd graders. It looked so easy. 

Clearly this was another out of my comfort zone moment for me. 

Pause. Take a breath. Move forward.
I pause to remember my words, "Educators need to push past their comfort zone" as I start to design the video. 

Ready, set, release.

The video flies into the public arena and pops up on You Tube. 

I did it. I captured NCTE 2014 in a 2 minute short film that honors some literary luminaries and colleagues. I also see a blooper in the movie-a statement from Aunt Ellen. 

Reflect Again.
I laugh because I do not have an Aunt Ellen. 

Ah, yes, the template had Aunt Ellen as a set piece. I guess my attempts to delete that never made it to the final cut.  This is a LOL moment for me.

A movie mogul I am not but a learner I am. I step back to think ahead so I can prepare to travel to NCTE 15 where I will present at Roundtable, E20, and learn alongside colleagues and literary luminaries. 

Indulge me as I tweet live from NCTE 15 starting on Thursday. Perhaps, you will also wish me well as I plan how to pack like a pro and travel fearlessly alone to Minnesota.

NCTE 15 here I come! 

Please visit Slice of Life at Two Writing Teachers. While moderating NYEDChat last night I mentioned that #SOL15 is one of the blogging sites that I frequent. I thank all of the educators who slice each Tuesday. Your writing from the heart pushes me to find the sweet spot in my writing life.

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