Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Ignite Wonder in Teachers and Students

When creativity ignites wonder, inspiration flows. The heart meets the mind and sends out connectors for voice to rise. Creative vibes mix with word weaving and all of a sudden an explosion of thought pops. 

Tonight on #NYEDChat the connected voices of those who engaged in the act of wondering ignited a creative spirit. Sparks started in the daytime as anticipation of the chat mounted. Later, connected educators congregated in Twitter spaces sending out messages of #edulove to those in their tribes. Thoughtful praise was passed around to inspire and support each other. Individually we may stand but together we are a vibrant collective body of practitioners. 

As I started the convo, I felt a spirit of positivity. NYEDChat, the voice of NYS educators, was sure to rise, I thought. I was right. Not only did it rise from within but voices from across the states joined in. The echo of the fast-paced tweets created a volume that led NYEDChat to trend on Twitter. 

With the remembrance of strong eduvoices resounding in my mind, I present to you the Wonder Wall. You will find mantras and words to live by statements created by the passionate educators who participated in NYEDChat. They are the ones who commit themselves to positively impact teaching, learning, and life each day. 

Lead with grit, follow your passion,
inspire greatness in others.
Students first, no matter what!
Gina Silveria

Learning at its finest, is driven by authentic engagement, passion, and creativity.
Dan McCabe

The words you use,
The actions you choose,
Say everything about you.
Paul McNeil

You are never done learning. Keep on wondering.
Stefanie Lombardo

Keep teaching students how to dig deeper.
Troy Hicks

Looking for the world? Look under the wonder.
Paul W. Hankins

Wonder leads to creativity, 
which leads to life-long learning.
Margaret Simon

Enjoy the process of unlearning.
Seek change before it swallows you!
Ed Kemnitzer

Be human, be transparent, ask questions, learn alongside the teachers and students. 
Dr. Steve Chapman

We need students to take back the learning.
Holly Mueller

This is a sampling of some of the wonderful statements made during the chat. There are many more #eduinspirations that will be created as tweachers and leaders continue to convene in educational chat rooms. This Wonder Wall will grow to bring awareness to the idea that wonder must be ignited in teachers and students across the world to positively impact learning. Join the ranks of difference makers who continue to inspire students to greatness. 

If you want to contribute a mantra or words to live by statement, 
please send it to me for posting.

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