Tuesday, September 5, 2017

End-of-Summer on Fire Island

Labor Day took its bow last evening, marking the close of an eventful summer and the beginning of school on Long Island. While still in summer mode, I prepared for an end-of-beach season day on Fire Island. One more day of easy living in summer mode is what I was looking forward to before gearing up for the year ahead. What better way to spend it than with friends.

The day started out with lovely "beach" weather, warm with a sky full of sunshine, making travel to Bayshore for the ferry ride to Fire Island delightful. Since beach season "slowed down", there were few travelers on the ferry so there was plenty of room on deck to capture the beauty of the Great South Bay until the wind picked up. 

Then, it was time to keep my hand on my hat so not to have it whoosh away into water. 

When we landed on Fire Island, we were greeted by our friends at the small but inviting ferry station. There are no roads on Fire Island so travelers leave the dock by walking, biking, or in our case, riding in the courtesy cart that looks like a surrey without the fringe on top or a larger version of a golf cart. The afternoon was slow-paced, enjoyable, and full of friendly conversation and picture taking. 

Finding Serenity at the Beach 
Listening to the Waves Roar
Watching the Butterfly Flutter

The end-of-summer outing was a truly special time to enjoy the lure of the beach with friends. 

There was good food and drink, good conversation, and good memories to be had on Fire Island.

While I did not capture a fiery sunset, like my host,

Photo by Dennis Brady, 2017

 I did watch the sky turn colors at twilight,

see a magnificent full moon over the Great South Bay,

feel the wind blow my hair until it felt like sticky cotton candy, and remember Long Island's summertime magic.


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End-of-Summer Thought:
Summer drifts on by
leaving its footprints in the sand.

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