Saturday, September 9, 2017

The ABCs of Summer

Where have the lazy, hazy days of summer gone? 
You, know the ones that make you shout for joy,
That slow down life with a relax-mode feel,
That carry you back to sunkissed summer moments. 

Let's Celebrate the ABCs of Summer!

Air conditioning during heat spells
Beach days by the sea
Camp Wonderopolis
Exercise outdoors
Fresh fruit from the market
Gardens of vibrant-colored flowers
Hikes with family
Ice cream under indigo skies
July 4th celebration
Kites flying at the beach
Lip-smacking summer corn
Melons that are ripe
Ocean waves roaring
Picnic at Westbury Gardens
Quiet times listening to nature
Reading at the beach
Summer Poem Swap: #1, #3, #5
Umbrellas in the rain
Vacationing with family
Watermelon tasting
Zen music
©CVarsalona, 2017  

All of the above are sunkissed moments 
brought joy to life during the Summer of 2017.
I will continue to celebrate the last weeks of the summer season
despite any obstacles in the way.
Here's to ending the season with a "full heart"
as Ruth Ayres, host of Celebrate This Week, says!

*The blue-colored font recalls various posts I wrote this summer season 
as a way to start sorting ideas for my Sunkissed Summer Gallery.

*Thanks to Diane Mayr for the inspirational spark and mentor text to create this ABC poem.

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