Friday, September 29, 2017

Sunkissed Summer Mini-Exhibit

The first days of the fall season are a wonderful time to step back and revisit summer memories. I took this transition time to immerse myself in the design of my summer gallery of artistic expressions, Sunkissed Summer. Since September 24th' opening of the online gallery, hundreds have visited. I can never have enough of summer and hope you feel the same way, too. American art dealer, Larry Gargosian's quote is a fitting way to describe my summer gallery. 

"The sun never sets on my gallery." 

Because I am grateful for the writers, poets, artists, photographers, and student voices for bringing Summer 2017 to life through digital inspirations, I created a mini-exhibit for Poetry Friday. My Poetry Friday colleagues have been strong supporters of my poetrylove work, so I dedicate this mini-gallery to the following poets who created a memorable recollection of summer 2017 with me.


I invite you to peruse this mini-exhibit filled with sunkissed digital inspirations.

Summer 2017's story unfolds with a nod to relaxation time.

As you walk through the mini-gallery, 
recall the scent of blooming flowers. 

Ramona Behnke

Think back on your mini-adventures with family. 
Were they filled with "life living" moments? 

Julieanne Harmatz

Recollect beach walks that brought peace 

or whimsical thoughts inspired by nature.

Even the animals enjoyed the summer sun.

Did your children enjoy firefly chasing on hot, summer nights?

Did you enjoy outdoor concerts listening to summertime tunes

or let the summer rain cause you to reflect?

Did your end-of-summer thoughts drift to return-to-school days?

If so, it's time to celebrate

 and turn your eyes to another season.

All of these and much more can be seen in the full Sunkissed Summer exhibit that can be found hereThank you for visiting the mini-exhibit of Sunkissed Summer Gallery.

Now please visit the Poetry FridayRoundup at my colleague and fellow NCTE presenter, Laura Purdie Salas as she shares Amy Ludwig VanDerwater's new poetry book, Read, Read, Read. You can access Laura' site here.

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