Thursday, November 2, 2017

Fears Can Power Up Writing

As a child, I was squeamish about following my grandmother down to her cold cellar where she stored her jars of yummy canned tomato sauce. While I loved being the little helper, there was something strange about that cold, damp place with its reverberating booms from the furnace. Each time I went down those stairs, it felt like I was being sucked into the pit of the house. My fears sometimes got the better of my me during the night after those visits. 

I had forgotten about that memory until Michelle H. Barnes' invited everyone to her October Ditty challenge. I decided to accept the challenge and started the process of creating a poem about a thing that spooked me as a child. From non-digital to a digital platform, I turned my poem into a Halloween tale. Someday, I will read my narrative to my grandbaby but for now I added my tale to Michelle H. Barnes' padletthe repository for her Ditty of the Month Club Challenge. Thank you Michelle and Carrie Clichard for the DMC Challenge for October 27. I also thank Josh, Bryan, and Charlie from Buncee for their guidance and support in creating my first slide story at the Buncee site.


Beside designing a tale for Michelle's ditty challenge, I have been busy with the collection of digitals for my Autumn Ablaze Gallery. Not only am I gathering vivid, autumn image poems and photographs but spooky ones for the Halloween section.

Here is a sneak peak at the spooktacular section of my upcoming Autumn Ablaze Gallery. I hope you enjoy some good, old-fashioned Halloween fun while viewing the selections below. 

Time to set your sights on reading by flashlight.  
Photo by Rita Platt

It's Poetry Friday time and my writing friend, Linda Baieis the host. She is ushering in November with poetic gratitude. I am ready to celebrate poetry love with her.

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