Friday, November 10, 2017


Home is where our story begins, grows, and is preserved. At this time of the year, when thanksgiving brings families together, my eyes scan this place I call home. Thoughts flood my mind.

I know it well! 
A feeling of comfort 
fills this house I live in. Sounds and smells
bring back memories of autumn past. recollect sweet moments
of family life. They flash before me: pumpkin-spiced days filled with faith and hope that blessed my home and insulated us from life's
cold snaps. Fall still lingers in corners of my home. I
uncover worn photos and artifacts tucked away-
reminders that one thought prevails:
home is more than just a house.
©CVarsalona, 2017, Long Island
What is home? 
It's my gathering place,
my collection space, 
brimming with remembrances.
It is the sweet abode
waiting for a new joy to arrive 
- a grandbaby -
so inter-generational love
can thrive again.
©CVarsalona, 2017, Long Island
As Thanksgiving approaches, I am in the midst of decorating my home inside and outside. I look forward to creating new memories honoring the spirit of family togetherness, for home is the place where my family's hearts will be filled with new life-living moments.

For me, the word HOME ignites a spirit of family togetherness! 
What does it signify to you?

Today is Poetry Friday and Jama Rattigan, the hostess with the mostess is serving coffee, donuts, and poetry for the Poetry Friday Roundup here.

I am also joining the #TeachWrite community this month to write about HOME.

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