Sunday, July 15, 2018

Expecting the Good

Life is fragile and uncertain and it only takes a few seconds to have it turned upside down. Two days ago, on an ordinary summer day, I felt the wind knocked out of me as I faced a surrealistic experience that left me shaken and in flux. 


There was not a single sound in my neighborhood as I started the car to pick up my son at work. It was just an ordinary summer day, the kind in which I should have been in slow down mode. Distracted, I reached for a cherry, unaware that this would be the catalyst for a chain of events that turned a sunny day into a nightmarish experience. 


It was quick. I watched in horror as I was hurled forward and quickly thrown back. A loud sound shocked me into reality - I hit a tree! In a stupor, I grasped for my phone to call my husband. Neighbors came rushing out. Tears streamed. Disbelief! In a few minutes, my husband was by my side along with police medics and firemen. Pain shot out from different parts of my body as I was immobilized and whisked away. 


Upon arrival at the medical center, I was quickly transported from the ambulance to the hospital trauma center. A team of specialists, similar to what you see on a medical TV show, hovered over me trying to ascertain what I felt and how best to handle the situation. 

"What happened?  What do you remember?"

It was then that I realized it was Friday the 13th and voiced it to make light of the situation. The lead doctor comforted me as the team spoke about the number of car accidents that happened. I paused to remain strong in faith and expect the good! 


It only takes seconds to turn your life around. This thought kept running through my head as panic started to swell. Remember your breath, fight through the disbelief, expect the good played over and over in my mind as my stretcher moved from the trauma center to the catscan and into xray. I held onto my faith, thankful for the team of diligent and caring medical professionals. Facing all of this was difficult but feeling supported eased the sting of the pain.


Day 2: 
I lay here reflecting on yesterday's chain of event. 
I think of the life lessons I learned: 
-Be mindful. 
-Remain in the present at all times.
-Do not be distracted by other thoughts. 
-Remain calm-remember my yoga breath. 
-Continue to be faith-filled and hopeful.
-Always wear a seat-belt (it was the belt that protected me)

Next, I read July 13's inspiration from my "God Calling" book and realize how serendipitous and comforting the thought, "Expect the Good,"  is. 

"Can you get the expectant attitude of faith? Not waiting for the next evil to befall you but awaiting with a child's joyful trust the next good in store." - A.J. Russell 

I walked away from yesterday's a horrible experience understanding that faith carried me through a nightmarish Friday the 13th and that I need to make some life changes


With an Important Message

"Happy Be Careful for the Rest of Your Life Day"


Day 3:
Today, I am thankful that I have no broken bones and no negative prognosis. My body is sore as to be expected but Ibuprofen helps. What doesn't help is that I keep replaying the accident to the point of having continuous nightmares. What I need to do is to not dwell on the accident and find peace with what happened. That is difficult but I must remember to always expect the good with a hopeful heart and a positive attitude. This is an important step on the road to change.  


At the end of this unexpected series of weekend events, I celebrate the act of expecting the good in life with Ruth Ayres' community of writers, Celebrate This Week

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