Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Tick Tock

Trying to beat the clock.
Time moves on. Tick. Tock. 
Why the rush? 
Why the fuss?
Life goes on.
Oops, a yawn.
Time to quit.
Hit submit.
Off it goes.
With no woes.

That sums up my process to most writing these days. Little did I know when I said I would write every day, how important that move would be. There seems to be a better flow to my writing now, probably because I am committed to writing. There also seems to be an excitement for hitting the computer keys or scribbling on papers that get lost in my notebooks. Sometimes, I pause to organize the mess in my office but creative chaos seems to be the mode of operation at this time. It is not ideal but it works for me.

Tonight, I was in a rush to send off my writing, Sense-sational Spring Gallery. I set a deadline for myself but did not realize how much content was to be included in the post. With contributions from one hundred and ten poets, bloggers, writers, photographers, artists, and students, I knew I would need extra time, lots of patience, and a dose of perseverance before unveiling this work.  

I think of my Sense-sational Spring Gallery as a tour into serenity. The visual displays are gorgeous and the writing takes away the sting of a false start to spring. (Do you remember my hashtag, #winterinspring?) With so much negativity and issues in this world of today, we need time to sit back and savor life,  observe the beauty of the world, and bring hope into living. As I designed my gallery, I realized that I could escape into the world of inspirational thoughts by a click of a camera, the stroke of a pen, and the sharing of colleagues' work. 
Writing is about looking at the world with a new lens; opening the door to fresh thoughts; persevering in the midst of challenge.
I dedicate my gallery work to those whose artistic talents bring the best of their talents to social media. (If you stroll over to the gallery, you will see writing by some slicers or poets that you know.) It is my hope that my writing and what I have curated will lead others to take a relaxed tour on a quiet summer day through my gallery recalling your own springtime memories. Perhaps, you will be inspired to create a poem based on one of the photographs or take photos of the ordinary that exists around you.

Time to wander off to sleep and feel pleased that my work is done for the day. Tomorrow will be another day to observe the world and fill my notebook with new thoughts. But wait, there is one more click I need to do. It's Tuesday and that means I must wander over to Two Writing Teachers to offer a slice of today's life moments.  


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