Tuesday, July 17, 2018

It's Hot!

Summer heat lays heavily this morning. 
Instead of an energetic beginning of the day, there was a lethargic feeling. 


Long dog days,
   Marked by record heat, come as

Early-arrival weather,
   Scorching and sizzling.

Todders run with  glee,
   Shouting, "It's hot."

Heat continues all day,
   Slowing down life's pace but

Ants continue to scurry-
   Heat resistant critters.

Riled by the heat wave,
   Residents up their air conditioning,

Gauge their temperament 
   By the thermometer, and 

Yearn for cooling rain
   To regain energy levels.


Tips to Beat the Heat!

Not only stay hydrated and cool, eat lots of greens, but give yourself a treat.
It's National Ice Cream Month!


The above poem is a modification of an acrostic poem. 
The first letter of each stanza spells out the poem's subject.

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