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Sense-sational Spring Gallery Unveiled

Designed and Curated by Carol Varsalona
featuring a Community of Reflective Poets, Photographers, and Artists


Spring is when life's alive in everything. - Christina Rossetti

April is typically earth's time of renewal when spring starts to come alive. Oddly enough, this year the season was on slow speed. Marked by a winter in spring attitude, parts of the USA found Mother Nature sprinkling her powdery dust before she donned her full bloom attire.

daybreak dusting
early morning surprise-
winter in april
Photo and poem by Spiri Howard


Then, with an air of expectancy, the rains came to greet Long Island. The quenched earth showed signs of awakening. Hearts swayed to the beat of Mother's Nature's promise as her soft breath gently sent the winds to breath in new life.

Gardens were perfumed with a fresh fragrance and outlooks on life changed.
Flowers saluted the sun. Dandelions flourished. Spring transformed the landscape.
Act 1:
Elusive Spring stretches, awaked.
She offers another sunless day.
Cheerily, cherup, cherup, Robin sings.
Act II
Afternoon brings fresh perspectives.
Sun moves through
Leaving us breathless for more.
Late afternoon, bees dance across dandelions.
Violas stand prim and proper.
Sun spills herself everywhere...
©Michelle Kogan
Pause to Listen
Terje Akke, Estonia


"Forgetting oneself, becoming the world for a moment: Wonder."
-Jeannine Atkins

Jeannine Atkins, Massachusetts


Looking back on the spring season, recall your senses awakening. 


Stroll through the spring gallery with a new lens on everyday life. 
First Stop
Long Island, New York where I live
Laura Hill Timpanaro
Kay McGriff
2nd Stop
New England

3rd Stop - East Coast USA


North Carolina
South Carolina

4th Stop - Midwest USA


5th Stop - Southern USA 
6th Stop - Western USA 

Linda Baie - Denver, Colorado

7th Stop - West Coast USA


8th Stop - Canada

9th Stop - Europe

10th Stop - Middle East

11th Stop - Asia
12th Stop - Oceania


Gardening Joy

Being one with nature- 
a rite of spring,
a seasonal delight
connecting human lives,
channeling peaceful living,
Being one with nature-
a restorative practice
flowing from Mother Earth
nurturing natural life
from seed to fruition.
©CVarsalona, 2018
Joy Andrews
Terje Akke - Estonia


Sunrise and Sunset Moments

The sky takes on shades of orange during sunrise and sunset, the color that gives you hope that the sun will set only to rise again. -Ram Charan


Musical Interlude

Listen to the Sense-sational Spring Gallery Playlist here.


2018 Kidlitosphere Progressive Poem

Poet's Jasmine, Blooming Lovely

Nestled in her cozy bed, a seed stretched.
Oh, what wonderful dreams she'd had!

Blooming in midnight moonlight, dancing with
the pulse of a thousand stars, sweet Jasmine
invented a game.

“Moon?” she called across warm honeyed air.
“I’m sad you’re alone; come join Owl and me.
We’re feasting on stardrops, we’ll share them with you.”

“Come find me,” Moon called, hiding behind a cloud.

Secure in gentle talons’ embrace, Jasmine rose
and set. She split, twining up Owl’s toes, pale
moonbeams sliding in between, Whoosh, Jasmine goes.
Owl flew Jasmine between clouds and moon to Lee’s party!
Moon, that wily bright balloon, was NOT alone.
                           Jas grinned,




                                                                       a new,


a trellis Sky held out to her, made of braided wind and song.
Her green melody line twisted and clung.

Because she was twining poet’s jasmine, she
wiggled a wink back at Moon, and began her poem.
Her whispered words floated on a puff of wind,
filled with light and starsong. “Revelers, lean in –
let’s add to this merriment a game that grows
wordgifts for Lee. He’s a man who knows
selection, collection, and wisely advising
these dreamers, word-weavers, and friends.”

Jas enfolded Moon-Sky-Owl into the cup of her petals,
lifted new greens to the warming rays of spring. Sun
smeared the horizon with colour, as Jasmine stretched.
She felt powerful. She felt fresh. She bloomed and took a breath
and filled the earth with a fragrance all her own. 

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Ekphrastic Poetry
Poetry inspired or stimulated by a work of art


Inspiration to Live By



Springtime Walks Inspire Artists and Writers


Children's Corner

Buncee Creations below - to learn more about Buncee click here.
The above three Buncees were created by the young poets in Mrs. Monti's Class, Florida
Michael Dresek's Class
Devin Hartnett, Washington, DC
Wyman's Wonders - Kinder Poets
from Teacher Modeling
to Student Drafts
to Poetry that Makes Voices Soar


Digital Art

Yes, let's celebrate life and look back to

In spring, the world evolves in shades of changing color for all to appreciate.
May we continue to honor the earth and preserve its beauty.


Please take a moment to thank the amazing contributors of the 
Sense-sational Spring Gallery for bringing joy into the world by leaving a comment on social media or in the comment section. This would be most appreciated.

Correction: Ellison, Akilah


Thank  You for joining me on my Sense-sational Spring Gallery tour. 
Each season, the gallery concept that I began in 2014 grows in volume. 
May it continue to provide a joyful reading experience and inspire poetic writing,
as it fills social media with beautifully crafted digitals that honor artistic voice.


peacefully glide through life
savoring earth's beauty


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Sense-sational Spring


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