Friday, October 26, 2018

Abundant Autumn: Invitation to Create

I woke early to autumnal bliss.
One tree, tipped in gold, embraced nature's kiss. 
Amber, sunset orange, asparagus,
Colors of nature's seasonal fuss,
Danced in sunlight, celebrating fall.
Yet, others clothed in bright green shawl 
Bowed in tribute to the glorious sun-
Waiting their turn, not to be undone.
©CV, 2018


Autumn's Sun Salutation


Have you celebrated the autumn season in your locale?

Watch this brief video, Abundant Autumn Awakens Life, created with digital inspirations from Camilla (student), Leia Cator, Janet Chow, and Molly Hogan who captured the glory of the season in Louisiana, North Carolina, British Columbia, and Maine.



Let the beauty of autumn days and the chill of autumn nights inspire you to create.

- Capture autumn digitally via a photograph, inspirational quote, poem, artwork, short 
   video, audio readings of original poetry, or any other form of digital expression.

Sign each digital offering with your name and locale.

- Size your digital offerings to fit the gallery. 450 pixels is the best sizing

- Send your jpeg offering to @cvarsalona at Gmail with the subject heading, Abundant  

Also, send your digital offering to Twitter with the hashtag #AbundantAutumn.

Who should join this creative challenge to give tribute to the richness of the autumn season?EVERYONE-I encourage adults and students from around the world to participate in this global gallery that will allow voice to soar across the world. 


While creating you may enjoy listening to peaceful music, Autumn Leaves by Tim Janis.


Let's showcase our talents via photographs, poetry, musical compositions, and artwork to create a digital collection of the abundant beauty of the autumn season.  

Deadline for the submission of all offerings: November 28, 2018.  


You can access previous Autumn Galleries of Artistic Expressions, 
Finding FallAutumn's Palette, Autumnventure, and Autumn Ablaze for samples of digital offerings.

Now take a stroll over to Kay McGriff's blog site. She is hosting this week's Poetry Friday Roundup with a Sunrise Conversation. You will enjoy the poem she created.

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