Thursday, October 4, 2018

Morning Message

Last week when I was in Fort Lauderdale to present, "Get Your Wonder On," at the National Center for Families Learning Conference, I experienced a natural wonder, a gorgeous morning surnrise. 

When I woke for beach yoga, there was a pitch-black darkness settling over the ocean. I chuckled, "How will I ever see make my way to the shoreline for beach yoga?" Upon entering an empty lobby, I approached the front desk attendant who replied to my line of questioning. 
"Follow the group to the beach." 
"But how will I see in the dark?"

Surprising enough, others felt the same way. I was not alone. The greeter at the top of the beach stairway understood our dilemma and provided us with glow bracelets to light the way. "We want to be able to see each one of you in the dark." As we descended the stairway to reach the beach, our glow bracelets glistened as we made our way to the yoga teacher, Lisa Pumper, who greeted us with a positive, calm spirit and grace. 

We began the class facing the moon and then, midstream the sun started to rise. At the end of class, Lyn DuBois, a conference attendee whom I met previously, and I engaged in a series of partner poses guided by Lisa. In the midst of the poses, I fell backward and laughed. Determined to keep my balance in the sinking sand, I popped back up. Lyn graciously supported me in a "beyond my comfort zone" pose. This reminded me that we need each other to support us through life.

I recall the sunrise that took my breathe away, a practice that was full of inspiration, and a morning message to carry serenity off the mat into my day.

We all know that life has twists and turns that can be challenging but starting your morning with a chuckle or engaging others in laughter is one way to positively greet each day. At each day of beach yoga, I positively filled my morning with inspiring messages and now wish to send additional ones your way.

May you start each day with a smile, a sense of humor, and a glorious sunrise.
We all need to let some sunshine into our daily lives.

"A good laugh is a mighty good thing, a rather too scarce a good thing."
Herman Melville

Enjoy this compilation of comedy sketches from the Lucille Ball Show and start your day off positively.

Today is Spiritual Journey First Thursday and our amazing host, Jan Godown Annino, is ready with her Gandalf-type walking stick to spark some magic on her topic, "Humor". Jan, I hope Lucille Ball, warms your senses up for a good laugh. 


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