Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Halloween Eve Ditty Fun

Have you ever been faced by a writing challenge and did not really know how to proceed? This month at Today's Little Ditty, the challenge created by Calef Brown for Michelle Barnes' October Ditty Challenge had me perplexed. He challenged writers to Write a poem or a story about two anthropomorphized objects.” I sighed when I read this. I even had to look up the exact definition of anthropomorphized.  

Since it is Halloween week and I already created a fictional octopus for Irene Latham's #OctopusMonth, I thought I would extend the adventures of Ona Octopus to include a Halloween outing where she meets up with a large furry, stuffed cat. Halloween is a fun time of the year to let your imagination soar. 

While knowing that my idea would stretch the concept of anthropomorphized objects, I read some of the poems on Michelle Barnes' October Padlet and thought "Eek!, mine is so unlike the others." With a deep breath, I proceeded anyway with my idea to create a story poem. (I only had a few days left to complete a ditty). I then went to the Buncee digital platform and transformed the poem into an animated tale with the great graphic tools there. You can see my Happy Halloween Ditty Buncee here. 

I ask, "Is my poem worthy to sit on the October Padlet?" Then stop and reflect. Aren't I the one who says the fun of writing is being open enough to take risks and accept feedback? 

Thinking back on Halloween time when I was a reading specialist in an elementary school, I recall the fun I had transforming my classroom into a Harvest/Halloween House complete with decorations and a collection of seasonal books to be read aloud. Each classroom would pass through my decorated house for a festive treat. The teachers could choose from a menu of interactive activities to wow their students but the read aloud was the featured surprise. For teachers who are interested in a pairing of two texts, a poem and informational text, Wonder of the Day #743, What's Your Favorite Costume, would be an interesting reading to pair with my ditty. The goal is not only to have children celebrate Halloween in an appropriate environment but to whet their appetites for lifelong reading. 

Note: The link to my story poem has been placed on the Wonderopolis Wonder Ground under Resources and the Buncee is below.

Ghouls and goblins are milling about
for sweetened treats, there is no doubt. 
I watch them swing their candy pot
Hoping to catch the best what not.

They think me grand in my octosuit
with lots of moves that catch more loot.
But don't they know it's just me,
Ona O on a quick spree.

I wink, I sniff, I think you're grand
Your arms are lovely and expand
But take a look at my furry coat
It makes me look like quite a bloat.

Aren't we swell with fine demeanor?
We're genuine. Who could be keener?
Look! Children creep in "pretend" clothes
While we just strut under their nose.

Come, my pretties. Join the parade
for the best Halloween accolade!
©CVarsalona, 2018


It's Slice of Life Tuesday at Two Writing Teachers. I found another challenge there: end your slice with a written affirmation about yourself. Does your story show any perceived truths about yourself that can become more positive? 

My Affirmation
What I Do:                               I gingerly move beyond my comfort zone to try out a new move to 
                                                   see if it fits.
What Are My Next Steps:  If my move is not a good fit, I will rely on my one word hope to help 
                                                    me improve my craft.

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