Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Celebrating An Autumn Week

Autumn celebrated nature's dazzling colors at the beginning of last week.

It was time for our annual, autumn nature walk to explore the wooded areas of Hempstead Lake Park. With my camera and a bag to collect fall artifacts, I prepared to capture the beauty of an autumn day while my husband led the way. 

Dressed in the finest fall fashion, Autumn waited for her applause. Assorted multi-colored leaves were strewn about the ground while the trees were dressed in vibrant colors. A picturesque, russet-colored scene greeted me. 

What if I transformed the scene into digital art?

Inching our way toward sunlight, my husband found a great site for a photo shoot.  It was a stop and stare moment-a  mirrored reflection. Although the trees were not all in high fashion color, they created a lovely backdrop for a quick haiku image poem.

While we were in awe of Autumn's beauty, my daughter was experiencing a similar feeling in the Virginia-Washington, D.C. area. One difference that I noticed was the movement of the water. The Hempstead Lake Park water body was still for the most part while the photo below of Rock Creek Park in Washington, DC appeared to be full of movement. 

Photo below by Devin Hartnett for #AbundantAutumn Gallery.
Energized by 
Autumn's fashion parade, 
I tucked away the memories
to brighten a rainy day.

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