Friday, November 30, 2018

Student Voice

As fall settles in for hot cocoa, outerwear weather, and a winter nap, I breathe a deep sigh. It has been a glorious autumn of variegated, dancing leaves, scampering squirrels, and changing temperatures. Now, as I prepare to design another seasonal gallery, Abundant Autumn, I look back upon the nature photos, image poems, and artwork from across the globe that will be featured. 

As a fitting close to a month of gratitude, I would like to showcase some of the student additions to my upcoming fall gallery. I shared the following poetic offerings at NCTE 18 as a tribute to student voice for each young poet wondered about earth's seasonal beauty and expressed their thoughts poetically. 

Young Poets Showcased on Social Media at C. Varsalona's 
Past and Upcoming Fall Galleries

Kindergarten Students from Christie Wyman's Former Class in Massachusetts

Marin, Arlan, and Camilla from Kay Couvillon's Class in Louisiana

Madison from Margaret Simon's Former Class in Louisiana 

I recently received a beautiful fall treat for my upcoming Abundant Autumn Gallery from Christie Wyman and her amazing Kinders
who enjoyed an abundant autumn season. 
f you click here you will see the Spark Video that Christie made of the fall leaf watercolors from her Kindergarten class. This will be shared in the upcoming gallery. 

Included in my NCTE 18 presentation, "Imagine the Possibilities If All Voices Were Honored In Every Classroom Around the Globe," is a thought I believe in and foster during professional development sessions.


I am extending the deadline to accept offerings for Abundant Autumn Gallery for another week since I have not started to design the gallery. 


The Poetry Friday Roundup is at Carol Wilcox's blog site this week. What she has to offer about novels in verse from K. A. Holt is very interesting (I attended a session at NCTE 18 where this author presented).
"One more thing... did you know that according to an NEA study in 2017, more people are reading poetry now than at any point in the 15 years the NEA has been conducting the survey? People seek out poetry in times of resistance and strife. We need it now, more than ever."

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