Thursday, November 8, 2018

Squirreling Away

For weeks I have watched the squirrels scampering in haste. Their energetic pace and fervent pursuit of the fruits of autumn have not been in vain. However, I am curious about where they hide their food. I have never seen where they "squirrel away" their food. 

To answer my inquiry, I checked out Wonderopolis and was delighted to find, Wonder of the Day #469, "What Do Animals Squirrel Away for Winter." The informational text notes that grey squirrels, the kind we have in my neighborhood, "hide their food by burying it in many different places underground. Scientists call their scatter hoarding."

Using the poem, For the Chipmunk in My Yard  by Robert Gibb as a mentor text, I drafted a poem about the scampering squirrels in my neighborhood.

For the Scurrying Squirrels

I think they know they are living amongst humans,
As they scamper across neighborhood lawns,
Making cars stop short not to harm their little feet.
I watch their antics, running here, there, and back again.
They gather fallen acorns, sometimes take a bite or two,
And secretly engage in scatter hoarding edible treasures,
While all about them, autumn prepares for its transition. 
They're lucky to have magnificent, old trees shed their
Autumn acorns, to be fast enough to forage, and when
Nighttime approaches snuggle in carpets of russet leaves,
Dreaming of hunkering down in months to come. 
I think they know they are living amongst humans.
Co-habitation is a non-issue to the scampering squirrels.
©CVarsalona, 2018 

You may enjoy watching a short video seen at WOD #469.  

Please share your digital offerings of autumn in your locale with me as I design the Abundant Autumn Gallery.


Now,I will join Michelle H. Barnes who is the host of this week's Poetry Friday Roundup. Michelle invites us to her blog, Today's Little Ditty, after a bear of a week.   

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