Thursday, October 3, 2019

Summer's Enduring Beauty

Beauty is
silent eloquence*-
 a soft, gentle breeze
wisping across a rippling lake,
a brilliant sunset quieting a busy world,
a calming sunrise morning greeting dawn 
a washout rainstorm offering a bright rainbow,
or just small, flitting flakes dancing in a winter sky.
Each season, nature as an artist, mixes new hues;
splashes living colors before our eyes, inviting
us to notice, wonder, and adventurously
seek endless joy.   Venture onward. 
Pause; soak in earth's beauty.
Be thankful for
the bliss of 
©CV, 2019
*French proverb

When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon,
my soul expands in the worship of the creator. 
-Mahatma Gandhi

Join me on a virtual tour of exquisite sunset and sunrise beauties that will be featured in the upcoming Embraceable Summer Gallery.  Notice the different shades of sunset or sunrise colors in each of the skies.  Each photographer beautifully captured sunset's evening presence or morning's wake-up delight.

-#chazchaz from South Africa via Al Dhalla
-Rachel Murat, Cayuga Lake, NYS
-Laura Toledo, Southold, NY
Sunrise Morning

It is my hope to dazzle visitors with the beauty of each unique sunset and sunrise. Perhaps, you will even be inspired to create a poem to accompany one of the photos.  

Now, take a moment to pause and listen to Audrey Assad's version of For the Beauty of the Earth, one of my favorite songs of praise.

Give praise to God for "He hath made everything beautiful in its time".
-Ecclesiastes, 3:11

Thank you to the contributors of the Sunset and Sunrise Beauties Collection who shared a nature photograph of a beautiful moment they witnessed.  Their nature photographs will be featured in my upcoming gallery, Embraceable Summer.  

Contributors to the
Embraceable Summer
Sunset/Sunrise Beauties Collection
Kumud Ajmani
Al Dhalla
Les Buchanan
Rachel Murat
Laura Toledo
Carol Varsalona
Rita Wirtz

Each month the Spiritual Journey Thursday community comes together to write on a particular topic chosen by the host.  This month's host is Karen Eastlund who is recounting all things worthy of praise in her blog post, October's Beauty.   Please stop by her blog site where everyone is posting links to their offerings.  Then, consider finding your go-to-happy spot tomorrow and sharing a photograph, image poem, inspirational thought, or artwork with me for my next gallery, Abundant Autumn.


  1. Yes, each sunset is unique and beautiful and inspring! Thank you for sharing this gallery, Carol. xo

    1. Thank you for joining me, Irene, for a sunset walk.

  2. Carol: These pictures remind me of a vacation we took in Door County, WI. We stayed above a pizza parlor, right off the lake, and every night we would walk along the shore and watch the sunsets... always gorgeous. In conversation with the pizza maker, he said, "Every night it's a new show." And that is the beauty of it. Every night a new show. Thank you for sharing your lovely poem and gorgeous pictures. Blessings for a good month.

    1. Karen, I am circling back since this weekend has been full with attention to my uncle who turned 91. We had his birthday party today in Central NY, 5.5 hours away from Long Island. The foliage is just sparkling with color while the temperatures dip. I am watching for a sunset that is a "new show". Last night we marveled at the glowing half moon in the night sky. Blessings to you too.

  3. Oh, Carol, the bliss of life giving moments! Your poem and the pics you shared did exactly that. Thanks for this call to pause. The video you provided for the song perfectly captured life-giving water which always leads me to breathe deeper and feel calm. Thanks for adding your thoughts and the shared images.

    1. Ramona, I just spent last weekend with Sierra and wrote a poem about our first apple picking experience at Autumn is such a beautiful season to give thanks for life, creation, nature, and family. Have a beautiful weekend filled with autumn blessings.

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