Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Fall Getaway

Morning breaks. Sunshine filters through immense trees beckoning me to take a ride down country roads. The family prepares for a Sunday outing, reminiscent of my childhood days. Quiet roads lead us to our destination, Sky Meadows State Park.

quiet roads curve, swerve
edging closer to bliss
countryside charm 
©CV, 2019   

Northern Virginia's pastoral landscape is inviting.
Join me as I:

Stroll through autumn's golden trails
and rolling pastures rich in history.
Listen to the "Country Shredder"
strumming his old-time banjo tunes. 
Watch graceful farm hens prance around.
Imagine colonial farm life in a century-plus old
kitchen warmed by an immense stone hearth.
Stare into the embers glowing with color, a 
black cast-iron kettle filled with cornbread,
and delicious pumpkin butter waiting on the table.
Find autumnal bliss; gaze into the grand expanse.
Notice and wonder about country farm life
on the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains.
©CV, 2019   

In the stir of 
autumn rustlings, plump pumpkins
await picking
©CV, 2019   
with excitement
toddler picks her prized apple
after many searches
childhood apple picking trip
will be remembered forever
via iPhone photography
©CV, 2019   

This writing was drafted this morning but did not have time to work on my Tuesday Slice of Life until now. Each week I join Two Writing Teachers to add my #TuesdayThoughts in the form of a slice. 


  1. Strolling through golden trails, warm kitchen, cornbread - autumn in its fullest.
    I am glad you didn't miss the SOL. Here are some of my fall pics:

    1. I love autumn and so glad that we are writing pals from afar, Terje. I just left you a message about your gorgeous fall photos at your blog.

  2. Lovely, Carol. You captured so much of what I love about fall.

    1. I just saw your comment, Christie. Thanks for joining me. I am so glad to have a friend who loves and appreciates autumn.