Friday, September 11, 2020

Finding Direction

Today the darkness of morning and the incessant flow of pounding rain make me want to curl up in a ball, cocooned inside a blackened space. I quietly mull over today's Spiritual Journey topic, finding direction, posed by Karen Eastlund, our host, as the raindrops beat harder on the ground. 

An image of an agile juggler tossing balls in the air pops into my head. I am drawn to this thought for I  feel like a novice juggler unable YET to find balance and direction. With every beat of the rain, I see another ball dropping into the soggy earth. Kerplunk goes ball # 1, the virtual building of my new Virginia home. Why did I not hear the important conference call? Ball #2 follows. My realtor calls suddenly asking if he can show my home? Like a little witch in one of my picture books, I race around my Long Island house with a broom in hand (but this broom's job is to sweep). Then, there is ball #3, my personal well-being. I am now overwhelmed with my to-do lists and just want to pause and write but I keep getting interrupted. 

It is bedtime and the rain falls in an incessant pattern once again. I want to be surrounded by the stillness of peace and "cast all my anxieties on Him because He cares for me". (1 Peterr 5:7) I turn back to Karen's blog to reread an inspirational quote.

So now, after worrying about the endless to-do, I take these quotes and tuck them under my pillow. Maybe the direction I seek will be present in the tomorrow's morning light. 


  1. Carol, I especially love your ending image of tucking those powerful, comforting verses under your pillow to sleep; it brings to mind the repeated directive in Scripture to meditate on the Word and work of God. How we can all relate to that juggler at present (your image poem so captures the jumbly-juggly feeling - gotta love "kerplunk"!). You have more than most to juggle at the moment ... and do I ever know that great longing to pause and write while trying to deal with life spinning so off-kilter. May you rise refreshed and renewed this morning, reclaiming some of that elusive stillness and peace, bringing the direction of your day into clear focus. Know that I always take courage from your words.

  2. Carol: I could feel your frustration and fatigue and I can only hope for you to find rest and feel restored. I'm glad the verse comforted you. Blessings...

  3. Some days feel impossible to handle. Hoping that things are moving along a bit better for you and that you're juggling is improving. You do have a lot going on!

    1. Ramona, I am backtracking to see whom I have not responded to and found this from you. I wish things would move along better. I can only hope for the deluge of issues could pass on so I can be with my little granddaughters in my new home.

  4. I found myself using the metaphor of dropping balls earlier today. It's so challenging to deal with everything that's happening right now. It sounds as though you are managing very well!