Friday, September 18, 2020

Sending Summer Goodbys from Embraceable Summer Gallery 2019

Do you have fond memories of the summer of 2019?  "It is easy to forget now, how effervescent and free we all felt that summer." (Anna Godbersen, Bright Young Things )  In contrast to the summer of 2020, I present this follow-up Embraceable Summer Gallery collection to the second segment of my summer gallery here.

“The morning had dawned clear and cold, with a crispness that hinted at the end of summer."
-George R.R. Martin

From Long Island's Shores
summer tiptoed in
on gritty, heated sand under
feather-stroked skies
now it sings end-of-summer
while softly strumming the blues
©CV, 2020
"There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart."
-Celia Thaxton
-Valerie Tilton, 2019 
During Summertime
butterfly grace notes
hover over my zinnias
prompting a duet
©Karen Eastlund

                                                                      Karen Eastlund                                               Linda Baie                                       
 while children are
or engaging in artistic pursuits.
The Artist
The world awaits her touch
like a canvas craves the brush
behind, she leaves a trail of beauty
bright and full and lush.
-2019 Matt F. Esenwine, all rights reserved
Travelers search near and far for summer sights to savor.

Beachgoers find their happy place at the shoreline.
Readers relax with a good book.
Foodies search farmers markets for delectable tastes,
farm-fresh market
visual feast of produce
in summertime hues
©CV, 2020
Gardeners enjoy the fresh beauty of summer flowers and fruit.
Beware of locust season!
Crafter, Linda Mitchell, finds pleasure in creating environmental-friendly 
paper collage art of re-cycled paper.
Magical Summer Moments
are cherished by many

Sunsets Across the Globe Bid Summer Adieu
From South Africa
to New York City
sunsets share the magnificence of nature's skies.
Letting Go of  Our Sweet Summer Life is Bittersweet!
Thank You to the Following Global Contributors
to this segment of Embraceable Summer Gallery

@collidingwithscience (Melissa Chouinard Jahant)
Cheryl Alba
Jeri Asaro
Linda Baie
Leanora Benton's Son
Jolie Buchanan
Leia Cator
Jeff & Judi Drucker
Karen Eastlund
Kevin Foley
Matt F. Esenwine
Alyssa H
Mary Lee Hahn
Devin Hartnett
Tara Hartnett
Ruth Hersey
Rebecca Herzog
Molly Hogan
Kimberly Hutmacher
Tracy Scott Kelly
Lillian Lake
Jone MacCulloch
Faige Meller
Chris Militzer
Linda Mitchell
Janet Nestor
Bonnie Nieves
DeAnn Pettinelli
Laura Robb
Margaret Simon
Donna Smith
Donna Tassone
Valerie Tilton
Carol Varsalona
Rita Wirtz
Listen to the Embraceable Summer Playlist to extend your gallery walk and 
embrace the wonders of summertime.
Artwork by Leia Cator
Thank you for taking a gallery walk through this segment of the Embraceable Summer Gallery.
I send this gallery across social media to celebrate the beauty of nature as a constant reminder of what we have to be grateful for as opposed to what we are missing. The first stop is Poetry Friday, hosted by an amazing poet, Matt Forrest Esenwine who is always a supporter of my galleries. You can read his lovely poem to his daughter above in the gallery. 


  1. Another beautiful gallery, Carol - you've really been working hard on this, whew! Thanks so much for sharing, and including my little poem among these wonderful works.

    1. Matt, thank you for your comments that mean so much. I worked overtime yesterday because toward the end of the day, more than half of this edition of the gallery vanished into cyberspace. This resulted in a recreation of what I have that lasted way into the wee hours of the morning but it is all worth it. Poetry continues to soothe souls.

  2. So lovely to revisit summer just as it's slipping away. Your galleries are always so wonderful and impressive. Thank you for making and sharing them!

    1. Liz, thank you for sharing your thoughts. It is good to hear from you. Perhaps, when I move to Gainesville, VA I will be able to meet you in person. Hopefully, it will be without a mask.

  3. Your gallery is gorgeous, Carol! I am especially drawn to the peaceful sunset photos and poems. Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. I just finished updating the gallery, Bridget. After sharing it, I realized that some of the digitals did not get posted so this morning was spent updating. Thank you for taking a gallery walk through it.

  4. Oh my, to see some of last summer's joy is both lovely and sad, Carol. Traveling is not happening much, so I loved traveling with you in the gallery! It is fabulous! I love this quote you shared: "There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart." Thank you for all the work, for persisting in doing it for all of us! Happy Weekend to you & yours!

    1. I am glad that this gallery shared travels around the world for a virtual international spree. The weather is crisp and cool this morning and a walk is in order now that the realtor left. Another arranged open house tomorrow-It is difficult to go through this process now that I have to sell before my VA house is finished.

  5. Wheeeeeeee! What fun, what beauty, what poetry. We are lucky to be able to travel all these summer places, embrace all these summer places here at this blog. I'm sad to see the season go. I'm a tiny bit scared of cold and flu season. But, it's time. Goodbye, sweet Summer.

    1. I hope you get your flu shot soon, Linda, so you can thoroughly enjoy another glorious season. Images speak to me since I cannot see these places in real time.

  6. Love this and thinking back to 2019 travels.

    1. Jone, it is so wonderful to see the world with the flick of the this gallery via my screen. Now that VA is on the NYS list of states, we can't visit the grandgirls and see our new house being built without having to come back to NY and quarantine for 14 days. Travel is a thing of the past right now.

  7. Wow. I have an intensely full day ahead, but I just took time this morning to browse through this beautiful selection--look at the art, read the words, sit in silence...a wonderful respite before the busy day begins.

    1. Laura, thank you for taking some of your morning time to peruse the gallery. All of these digital are full of inspiration.

  8. This is an absolutely glorious collection, Carol, a gallery beautifully archived. We are all ready for a transition ... one of moving forward... these image poems make a lovely escort as we bid summer adieu and embrace the returning fall.

    1. With love of nature and the cooling breeze, I am ready to transition to yet another magnificent season. But a few more embraceable summer moments will follow to honor sumemr.

  9. Thanks Carol, for all the inviting images, words, and quiet places to rest in–wonderful gallery!