Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Countdown to Christmas

The countdown begins. Lately, I am as busy as the North Pole elves trying to prepare for Christmas. I forget how few days are left to finish decorating, baking, and wrapping gifts-10 days exactly until Christmas Eve. 

Tonight, I spend time decorating a little more of the outside and inside spaces. It is a layering process so take a peek. Let's start at the front door. I invite you inside.

My Nonnie's plant cart from 70 years ago is on the left while Santa is on the right.

I enjoy making wreaths. Bow making is a new passion. 
The foyer is undergoing a second phase of decorating.
The flocked pencil tree is a new addition to my Christmas treasures.
 The chair is an antique piece but Santa and the elf are new.
Do you recognize this book or one like it from childhood days?
Books are an important part of my holiday season.


be my guest

I invite you inside
feel the spirit of Christmas

wishes come your way
for holiday happiness
from my heart to yours
©CV, 2021


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Enjoy the small moments of my holiday house decorating fun.

You can see Phase 1 of my holiday decorating fun here.


  1. Carol, everything looks beautiful. I like the idea of mixing old with new. It is a way of honoring snd remembering the past while looking ahead and making new memories for the future.

    1. Bob, thank you for liking my decorations. More decorations were added today. The stockings were hung with the greatest of care in the foyer that is my entranceway. I love looking at the display from my study.

  2. Such beautiful Christmas spirit! I love it! I love the care you take to put it out (and make the wreathes and bows!Amazing!)
    Thank you for sharing these pictures!