Wednesday, December 22, 2021

From Bedecked In Autumn to Winter

All aboard nature's train. Next stop: Winter's Embrace but before hopping on the train take a stroll through the very last edition of Bedecked In Autumn, my fall gallery of artistic expressions.

"Autumn's humming with the wind a soulful lullaby, as heartbroken trees shed their leaves in a tear-stained goodby."  - Angie Weiland-Crosby

As the seasons change, fall transitions to winter (in the northern hemisphere) and we get ready for a new year." (Angie Weiland-Crosby) Today, on December 21st, the official end of autumn and the celebration of the Winter Solstice, I bid a final goodby to autumn, a season of radiance and luster.

I invite you to take a gallery walk through the final edition of the Bedecked In Autumn Gallery.

While strolling through the gallery, listen to a beautiful instrumental song, Goodby Autumn, music by Giovanni Marradi.


Fall offers serene spaces.
Two Writing Teachers-Slicer, Diane Anderson, found her sweet spot at the lake.

Fall Morning at the Lake
Water rippling, stirred by a slight  wind
Trees at the edge burnt orange, golden, emerald green
Sky above in shades, light seeping in
A white bird gliding before the clouds, above the water
A peaceful calm spreads from heart to mind
Ready now for the day ahead.
-Diane Anderson, 2021
Below, artist/poet Michelle Kogan shares her
Evergreen Moon & Snow Greeting  Card in watercolor and pen and ink painting,, 2021


"If ever a year was tucked inside of a clock, then autumn would be the magic hour." 
- Victoria Erickson

 Children's Corner
Hailee and Cooper, two 5th grade students from Vancouver, Washington, offer their poems for the gallery. Educator poet, Jone Rush MacCulloch, proudly presents her work and the students' poetry.

Autumn's Transition
"Autumn is the hush before winter." -French proverb

Cooper, 5th-grade student
Hailee, 5th-grade student
Michelle Kogan
Jone Rush MacCulloch

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Slice of Life Tuesday comes each week at Two Writing Teachers.
Remember the small moments of autumn that brought great joy and calmness to you.
I send Happy Winter Solstice greetings to all with my poetic wish.


  1. Carol, thank you for this final look at the beauty of autumn as we transition into the winter months. These months will have their own beauty. From rosy cheeks and red noses to ice crystals glistening in the sun as they decorate trees. Hot chocolate and warm hugs to invigorating walks. Looking forward to the winter beauty I know you will share.

  2. I love how powerful it is to see the compilation of different expressions on a common topic. There are so many different ways to express and respond and I enjoyed this post for the many perspectives from writers at different stages of life.

  3. I always love your galleries, Carol. Each offering speaks to the mind, spirit, and transition of seasons. I especially love your Winter Solstice Wish and its lyrical loveliness. Echoes of the hymn "In the Deep Midwinter". This idea of winter and "the smell of the past" - too rich for words. I know if I want to encounter truth and beauty to come here and walk your galleries in meditation. Wishing you and all yours a lovely, blessed Christmas.

  4. Beautiful farewell Fall gallery Carol, thanks for including my art and poem. I love the image at the top, "Fall Morning at the Lake," the student's poems and your line, "my heart wears you like curtains," thanks for putting fall to rest!