Friday, December 31, 2021


This year, like other years, Christmas rings in the good news. Bells jingle, hearts mingle, and all decorations are merry and bright. The tree is always the central focus and as a glorious dedication to the birth of the tiny savior, my tree tells a story. Birds announce the good news. Beads adorn the layers of the tree. Ribbons flounce. An angel watches over and vintage ornaments dangle against the lights.  Faith ties the family together. Late at night, Santa tiptoes in with a ho, ho, ho, and before he leaves rings one of the bells collected over the years. 

In the great room, bells from an old carriage, a cowbell, and jingle bells
are nestled in the tree waiting for Santa's touch.

The Ringing of the Bells

Birds sing.
Let's rejoice!
Hear the voice.
Santa shouts ho-ho
Coming in from snow.
Ding, dang-
Rudolph is aglow.
Bells tinkle to go.
Into the sky,
Deer and sleigh fly.
Bells tinkle with joy
For every girl and boy.
Bells ring
Angels sing.
Christ is born
On Christmas morn.
©CV, 2021, draft

Christmas at My New House in Virginia

Grandgirls decorate their tree on
Christmas Eve and sight two snowprints
by their fireplace on Christmas morn.

Listen to Aretha Franklin sing "O Christmas Tree" here.

Thank you to the Poetry Sisters who challenged everyone to write a poem dealing with bells and share it on Poetry Friday. They also suggested ringing in the New Year on social media with the hashtag, #PoetryPals.


Thank you to Carol Wilcox for hosting Poetry Friday at her blog, Carol's Corner.
She is sharing sad news about the wildfires that broke out 10 miles from her home in Colorado. There is devastation and families without homes. My thoughts and prayers are with Carol who is tracking down people she loves and also with the families who lost their homes in the fire. 

May the New Year bring us to a more peaceful place.


  1. This post is pure joy! Love your gorgeous tree. I can hear the music playing in the background as you take out precious ornaments to display. Thanks for the joy boost. Happy New year to you!

  2. Dear Carol, your poem is festive, and so is your Virginia home! Thank you for sharing it... and I am kind of in love with "tintinnabulation" which is a new-to-me word. Going into my notebook! xo

  3. Carol, the photos are glorious! Such a festive Christmas in your new home, at last. I love the word "tintinnabulation," this focus on the ringing of the bells, and that you have "magical" bells on the tree, waiting for Santa's touch. Also love that the grandgirls saw snowprints near their fireplace on Christmas morning...these magical sparks of childhood will last them all their lives long. Your poem is a pure delight, with all its sounds of bells, laughter, and rejoicing. What a treasure to read. I will keep your friend Carol W. in my prayers. Blessings to all-

  4. Love the poem with it's own sounds, Carol, especially that "Ding, dang-/Ring-rang." & the trees, beautiful! I hope you had a very Merry Christmas with those girls! Now, wishing us all a Happy New Year, better times in 2022.

  5. Carol, your tree is gorgeous! I love "Into the sky, /
    Deer and sleigh fly" and all the joy in your poem! Happy New Year's to you and your wonderful family :>)

  6. Like several others, I love the word, "tintinnabulation," which is totally new to me. I also love the story about Santa choosing which bell to ring on your tree, that story feels like it could grow a whole new poem!

    1. Carol, I am grateful that you stopped here despite the tragedy your locale experiences. I have been lifting all up in prayer. May your New Year be bright and peaceful in light of the devastation I can only imagine. I think you are right about Santa choosing a bell to ring. Perhaps it will grow into a new poem. Thanks for the suggestion.

  7. Carol, Happy New Year! Your poem is so joyful! I love its depth paired with the brevity! Kudos to you on capturing the bell ringing with the words you chose! I wish you a very happy new year filled with joy and blessings! Thanks, Carol Labuzzetta

  8. Carol, I love how your experiences with your grandgirls is shifting your poetry a bit towards a more childlike voice. The room looks great indeed.

  9. Just gorgeous! You are making such wonderful memories with/for your grandgirls!

  10. Love your celebratory Bell poem Carol, it's rings through and through with lively rhythm and reads like a song, thanks!