Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Mother's Day Joy

What joy Mother's Day brought this year! My family of eight enjoyed our moments together. Two generations of mothers graced our table laden with a delicious brunch featuring signature cocktails. Shirley Temple were prepared by my sister for the little grandgirls who were adorably dressed in matching outfits. We ate, played with the beautiful balloons. Grandpa bought, smelled the rose, and spring bouquets, We ate, played with the beautiful balloons Grandpa bought, smelled the roses and spring bouquets for the table, and enjoyed everyone's company. 

It was the first time I baked a lemon risotto. It reminded me of my Italian heritage and a long line of female bakers.

It was a sweet day of happiness, a Mother's Day I will never forget.

family day wrapped in love
smiles tell a sweet tale
©CV, 2022

It's Slice of Life Tuesday and I end my day with the Two Writing Teachers and their reflective community of writers.


  1. Carol, what a lovely picture of you and you family. Although the food was good, the balloons were fun, and the flowers were beautiful, I am sure the true joy was the time spent with your family and the happy memories that were made.

  2. Beautiful and filled with love! So happy for your good health and beautiful family.