Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Covid's Everywhere!

COVID is on the upsurge.

Like a silent snake, it comes

slithering into human spaces.

Circling and coiling,

it spreads its venom,

infecting all in its vicinity.


While I do not have COVID at this time, I have recently experienced unexpected stress related to it. My thoughts go back to the first breaking news of COVIDIt has been a very long two years and two months that the pandemic has raged. Research has helped medicine advance. Vaccines, boosters, and anti-viral medicine are available but the sting of COVID's slitering pathway is still felt . "Globally, as of 6:43pm CEST, 24 May 2022, there have been 523,786,368 confirmed cases  of COVID-19, including 6,279,667, deaths reported to WHO." -World Health Organization

My thoughts are with all who have experienced the stress, discomfort, and negativity of COVID-19, and the health caregivers who have worked endless hours to minimize the effect of this pandemic. We have listened and learned these past two years. "Ultimately, the greatest lesson that COVID-19 can teach humanity is that we are all in this together." -Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw 


Last week I missed slicing because I had cataract surgery of my left eye. I am still healing but am happy to be able to introduce the Poetryliscious Gallery Padlet with several slicers' artistic expressions. 


It's Slice of Life Tuesday and I end my day with the Two Writing Teachers and their reflective community of writers.


  1. I hope that your cataract surgery was successful and that the week ahead is filled with peace and joy.

  2. Carol, Hope your recovery goes well. Your Padlet offers joy, hope, and inspiration in these difficult times. Thanks for putting it together and sharing it with us. Stay well.

    1. Off to the eye doctor-then, back to work on the gallery. Thanks for commenting. Have a great weekend.

  3. Oh how difficult was those days especially for the people who effected by covid, I myself got effected one year before, those were the worst days of my life, every moment felt like I have no chance to survive but thankfully I survived.