Friday, May 19, 2023

Just "Be" in Spring's Presence

Nature is always inviting you to see her beauty and power.
She is attracting you with her dance, song, and love.
- Author, Debasish Mridha

With the art of storytellers, Springsation poets paint a tranquil museum-like walk through the early part of the Spring season. If you travel to the Springsations Gallery of Artistic Expressions Vol. 2. Padlet you will see a showcase of springtime artistry. As you move mindfully through the gallery breathe, rejoice, and "be" centered in the serenity of spring. Pause, gaze, and let nature mystify you with her endless color palettes, dazzling landscape, and poetic goodness.

         Spring photos were captured by  Diane Anderson, Ramona Behnke, Leigh Anne Eck, 
           Bob Hamera, Jone Rush MacCulloch, Linda Mitchell, Lou Piccolo, Carol Varsalona
After you take a gallery walk through Springsations Gallery of Artistic Expressions Vol. 2. Padlet, read the Cento, collage poem, below. It was created by lifting lines from each of the image poems written by an amazing group of poets who grace the Gallery. 

~Just BE In Spring's Presence~

Open your senses to Earth's beauty.
Follow a flower's fluttered edges.
Her morning song,
Spring's first act,
mounts translucent music
and envelops me in marvelment
as hummingbirds fly on high.
Spring Scoop:
Mother Sun hovers.
Dandelion fluff launches skyward.
A bee crawls inside while
daffodils lift their thirsty heads.
Spring's new beginnings 
flutter in hearts,
peering up into the heavens.
Behold the cycle of life.
 From wayward, wind-caught seedlings,
sunshine buds whisper.
Bare branches banish winter
and announce spring forsythias.
Muddy browns retreat.
Fresh white is in sight.
Trails wind through.
Planes embroider
white criss-cross stitches.
Be present in these movements.
Springsations echo,
awakening splendor.
Reflect on Nature's blessings,
her magic in small moments.
Spread hope, kindness, and love
that our world needs!
Open May's door,
cracked just enough,
to give those caught in Spring
a glimpse of Summer green.

©CVarsalona, designer/poet, with Springsations Poets, 2023

Diane Anderson
Linda Baie
Ramona Behnke
Rose Cappelli
Leigh Anne Eck
Matt F. Esenwine
Margaret G. Simon
Bob Hamera
Devin Hartnett
Jane Heitman Healy
Carol Labuzzetta
Irene Latham
Michelle Kogan
Melanie Korach
Denise Krebs
Jone Rush MacCulloch
Bridget Magee
Faige Meller
Linda Mitchell
Janet Nestor
Elizabeth Neubauer
Lou Piccola
Laura Purdie Salas
Janice Scully
Kiesha Shepard
Donna Smith
Sandie Vaisnoras


Nature will continue to showcase her beauty this month of May in song, dance, poetry, and photos. If inclined you can add more image poems or other artistic expressions to the Springsations Gallery Padlet. I hope you enjoyed the unveiling of the Springsations Gallery. I applaud all the poets who joined me to praise the beauty of Spring.

Please take a peek at Springsations Gallery Vol. 1. You may see one of your artistic expressions in that gallery from 2017. Thank you for perusing both galleries.


For more poetic goodness, please visit this week's Poetry Friday's host, Janice Scully, at her blog, Salt City Verse. She is reviewing books by two of my favorite children's book writers, Laura Purdie Salas and Charles Ghigna. She also has a poem about the weather that has been changing quite a bit this spring. Janice also is one of the Springsations poets.

by Linda Baie


  1. Carol, what a luscious collection of sensory spring words! I can't imagine how much work went into it. I'm honoured to be included in it alongside such talented writers. Thank you.

    1. Thank you, Lou, for your comment and offering for the Springsations Gallery.

  2. Both nature and poetry mystify...thank you, Carol, for this green gift and for all you give! xo

    1. Irene, I like your thought that both nature and poetry mystify. My daughter is in the hospital tonight (being induced to deliver baby girl #3). She has had a rough pregnancy and is being monitored very carefully. I remember when Sierra was born and you sent me a beautiful poem and a miniature Hurdy Gurdy Music Box. It is a treasure.

  3. What a beautiful Cento, Carol. Happy to be among the poets quoted - good company, indeed! Thank you.

    1. Rose, thank you for sharing your image poem for Springsations Gallery. I am honored to walk among gifted writers through Springsations' decorated walls. Feel free to add to the gallery if you feel a burst of spring.

  4. I love the image of May’s door cracking open. Lovely. Thank you for all the beauty you have gathered on your padlet!

    1. The line about May's door came from Matt F. Esenwine's new poem. I also was excited about Matt's image. I appreciate your participation in Springsations Gallery.

  5. It's taken a while, but I immersed myself in spring here, Carol. Considering it has been a gray & smoky day, so your work to gather poems into your own spring bouquet is much appreciated! Hope things are better with your daughter and you can find some hours of pleasure on the weekend!

    1. Linda, thanks for your concern. My daughter is in the hospital. She was induced early so hopefully the baby girl will be healthy. At the same time my uncle is in hospice. This is quite a lot to wrap my head around but poetry does help. Have a good week.

  6. Marvelment! Such a great word! The world needs more marvelment! I'm thinking-- joyful wonder!

    1. Patricia, marvelment is part of the line Ramona used. I also love that word.

  7. Wow! You've created such a lovely gallery. It's like that saying that friends are a flower many flowers. Beautiful springsations!

    1. Linda, I do like that comment that friends are a flower garden. They brought springsations to my poetry garden. I am with the grandgirls waiting to hear how my daughter is doing in the hospital. She is being induced.

  8. Carol, this is so inviting and soothing. It makes me want to relax into spring. Thank you.