Saturday, September 27, 2014

Celebrating With a New Lens to Continue Growing a Writer's Life

One morning last week as I traveled the highways of Long Island from west to east I reflected on the stream of traffic that disrupted my flow of thoughts. A multitude of cars were keeping pace while trying to avoid the glaring sun and a potential stream of accidents. There was an acute awareness of the potential pitfalls of reckless driving. Proceeding with caution was the headline that flashed in my mind as I traveled to my destination during the morning rush hour traffic. 

As I crossed from one county to the next, the incessant pace of three lanes of traffic slowed down. The sun moved over, and the tone of the trip changed. Driving became less strained and surroundings were seen through a different lens. It is amazing how one forgets to notice nature and honor the small moments in life. Once the strain of driving in a potential hazardous scenario was lifted, I could view the onset of autumn on this sun-kissed crisp day. A new lens was added that allowed me to place all in perspective. It was not my sunglasses that provided clarity of vision but the lens used by writers. 

Tiny segments of a tree-lined highway 
showed signs of autumn's arrival. 
Nature played a peek-a-boo game. 
Hints of red shown amongst green-leaved trees. 
The sun bowed its head 
to provide a clear pathway onward. 
Glaring yellow hues softened to sunshine. 
Cars hummed at a normal pace. 
Autumn's call was in the air 
I was able to reflect 
on its first moments 
during early morning hours. 

This trip east was a short journey to a new destination but it was also the first day to find fall with a writer's eye. This season I will celebrate life and use my special lens to connect with nature as I observe the small moments and awaken my observation skills. If you are interested in joining me to grow a writing life this autumn, stroll over to my first blog post on finding fall here.

Enjoy the season, become  more reflective, and take additional steps to grow a personal writing life.

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