Friday, September 12, 2014

Still a Sadness in Hearts on 9/11

Today, a sadness echoed across the news and on social media and the silence of tragedy settled over the village of Rockville Centre. Villagers reminisced about a day in the past, September 11, 2001, that took the lives of 48 residents in the attack on the World Trade Towers. The past loomed largely before us as the names of the fallen were read and so we remember the past on this #911Day.

"Thirteen years after small and hateful minds conspired to break us, 
America stands tall and America stands proud.
And guided by the values that sustain us,
we will only grow stronger." 
President Obama at the Pentagon 
September 11, 2104

Vintage Postcard adapted for 9/11 Tribute by Carol Varsalona

Please listen to this touching song by Lee Greenwood that was played over and again during the days following 9/11.

The following is a sampling of hashtags devoted to 9/11:
#remembrance day

One month following the attack of 9-11, eleven year old Aaron Walsh wrote the following poem in his school notebook, trying to make sense of this horrible thing that had happened.

I Hold in My Hands
~ Aaron Walsh, 2001

I hold in my hands ...
The dust.
The dust and wreckage of the towers.
Even though I wasn't there,
I can still feel it.
It has damaged my hands with dirt.
It has damaged my heart with sorrow.
It has damaged my body with fear,
and it has damaged my life with war.
I hold in my hands ...
My life.
My life could soon be filled with war,
cruelty at its worst.
Miles away, I can hear the planes' roaring engines, gliding through the air.
I hold in my hands ...
My future.
My life ahead.
Whether it will be filled with war or peace, we will not know.
My future keeps me going from dawn to dusk.

I hold in my hands ...
Hope for the future.
Hope for peace.
Hope for my country's freedom.
And hope for America to win this war on terrorism.


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Watch for the news of the unveiling of the Summer Serenity Gallery this weekend.It has been an exciting journey for me.

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