Friday, September 26, 2014

Falling into Place as Season Turns

It's turning time when summer flows into fall. I sit and wait while still lingering in summer-kissed days. Day shorten. Temperatures drop. School is in session. Signs of the season are everywhere. Although I savor the sweet taste of summer, I recognize the passage of time and am eager to capture the brilliance of autumn in a new gallery entitled Finding Fall. I invite those who enjoy spinning words to craft them into a poem prompted by a vibrant photo of autumn. In doing so, you will accompany me as I "Find Fall" this season. This invitation continues my REFLECT WITH ME journey and connects me with writers around the globe. 

Sunshine paints
its first canvas 
as time turns.
I linger in Summer,
betwixt and between, 
ready for fall.

In the quiet of morning
I listen for sounds.
Nature calls out
to turn the season.
In response, 
crows caw loudly-
geese honk an entry-
Change appears.

Nature responds,
slowly unwrapping
Autumn's splendor 
like a soft sheet unfurled.

Then, it gently lifts 
and patiently transforms 
Summer into Fall
while embracing the glory 
of an Indian-summer day.
                -Carol Varsalona 2014

It is the summer's great last heat. 
It is the fall's first chill: They meet. 
-Sarah Morgan Bryan Platt

Live quietly in the moment and see the beauty of all before you. 
The future will take care of itself. 
 - Paramahansa Yogananda

Come reflect with me as I weave a tapestry of golden hues from original photos and poetic expressions. Writers, educators, businessmen and women, retirees, and others join me to paint a vivid canvas of autumnal majesty. Send me your original poems and photos that showcases autumn splendor for the Finding Fall Gallery of Artistic Expressions.

Original poems and photos will grace the walls of a vibrant gallery that will uncover a myriad of possibilities when Finding Fall


  • If you are interested in creating visual images like the one above, try
  • See autumn with a new lens. Find just the right scene to photograph the brilliance of the fall season and let your words flow to describe the scene.
  • Include audio to spark your creation.
  • Refer to the following sites to see the growth of the REFLECT WITH ME Galleries: 
SPECIAL NOTE: Teachers who contribute to the Finding Fall Gallery can use their submission as a mentor text in their writing workshop. In addition, each teacher may choose one student piece to submit for the Finding Fall Gallery to spread the word that Writing Matters!

Each Friday, different poets open their sites to host a variety of writers who celebrate the love of poetry. This week's Poetry Friday is hosted by Laura Pudie Salas. Please stroll over to Laura's site to read her delightful "What's Inside? Poems to Explore the Park' You will enjoy her colorful photograph that accompanies her couplet. 

I am hoping that many of my Poetry Friday friends will accompany me as I build the 
Finding Fall Gallery .

*Please Note:
Since this post was written, the Finding Fall Gallery was unveiled and you can view the beauty and majesty of the collection here.

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