Thursday, September 18, 2014

Forgiveness - A Silent Guest

On Spiritual Journey Thursday Holly Mueller examines components of her own spiritual journey and asks others in and out of her PLN to do the same. Today's topic is forgiveness and it struck me as one that is so appropriate at this time of year when the horror of 9/11 is still in the minds of many

While driving on the parkway to a professional development workshop I was facilitating today, the word forgiveness was on my mind.  I reflected on how powerful an act it is. While letting the words spin and swirl in my mind all day, I came back to the computer tonight to compose a short poem about the word, found the Alicia Keyes song, "Pray for Forgiveness," and created a thirty second video with Animoto to express why forgiveness is an essential act of life.

For me, the state of unbalance is harmful to of mind, body, and spirit. Many times it is the act of forgiving that provides restorative powers. In the past, I may have allowed anger and hurt from ill-conceived words, gestures, and actions knock me off balance for longer than I cared to be. Finding your center filled with positivity is the answer but it cannot be reached until the toxins of negativity are removed. While the art of being positive is a well-conceived practice, it needs work in order to maintain balance of mind, body, and spirit. 

The Animoto video of an original poem can be found here.

a humble stance 
     postures in corners of silence.
As stillness enters,
the heart broken by pain
opens to accept and 
moves forward into the light.
Positivity Await.
                                                                                  -cvarsalona 2014

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