Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Evolution of a Thought on DigiLit Sunday

DigiLit Sunday
It is #Digilit Sunday and I sit in front of the computer in a moment of reflective thought trying to forget the pressing heat of yesterday and wondering what today will bring. Margaret Simon's call to enter the DigiLit Sunday conversation at Reflections on the Teche has set off a creative spark and so I begin the evolution of a thought that will bring closure to the  Summer Serenity Gallery soon to be unveiled. 

Summer is an optimal time to quiet activity, relax, reflect, and recharge your energy. On June 24, 2014, I posted a call to writers to join me in a contemplative journey to digitally depict places of serenity frequented during the summer season. From a seed of an idea a digital summertime gallery of artistic expressions grew in the drafting stage. Throughout the season there were numerous blog posts about the REFLECT WITH ME writing community's project:

Fishers Island, New York
Today, I am guided by a beautiful photograph of Fishers Island, the gem of the Long Island Sound, where I traveled to deliver professional development to a committed staff of teachers under the direction of Karen Goodwin, a dedicated and collaborative superintendent / principal. This photo was taken after two days of digging deep into curriculum work to plan the instructional year at the Fishers Island School. 

Photographs can be inspirational works that allow a writer to connect thoughts to images.The one above captured at the Fishers Island dock serves as my beacon now that I am ready to sum up my thoughts on summer serenity.  This picture launched a poem that I combined into one digital work using PicMonkey. 

After this took place I attempted to create my second Animoto 30 second video (see thumbprint image below) that I sent out to Facebook and Pinterest. Tweeting was in order so I did that as well. Lastly, I exported the video to YouTube.

I hope you enjoy the evolution of my Sunday thought. I invite you to view the Summer Serenity Gallery that will be unveiled shortly after I savor the sweetness of lingering summer on Long Island today. 

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