Monday, September 29, 2014

Harvesting a Garden of Thoughtful Dialogue with Connected Colleagues

If you ever wondered about Twitter chat conversations, it will benefit you to join one session to lurk and learn before immersing yourself in the threaded conversation. You can find a myriad of hashtag communities for heart-filled conversations, instant collaboration, and learning when you search through Twitter. It never fails each time I enter a chat that I encounter individuals whom I know or new ones to converse with. 

The power of the connected world rests in a meeting of minds with individuals from various profession. Twitter allows for this to happen each day and night. It all begins with a desire to afford yourself collaborative conversations about life, learning, and/or leadership. You can even explore avenues of thought with those outside your field of interest. This will broaden your perspective. If you search for chats inside your field, you will find a variety that have discussions on pertinent topics. Endless possibilities await those who believe in the power of connecting through social media platforms. 

The poem below is dedicated to those who tirelessly seek online professional development opportunities to further their growth and impact the well-being of others.  
In fields of open dialogue,
not one but many individuals connect-
engaging in bursts of conversations
filling learning spaces.

On fertile ground, collegial thought
develops through circles of talk-
grows through connected conversations
that twist, turn, and flourish
from budding seeds of learning
into pods of knowledge.

Not one but many 
connected colleagues form bonds, 
grow ideas in connected spaces
nurtured by open-mindsets,
to impact their living and learning lives.
-cvarsalona 2014

I would like to thank the various groups across the nation and world that I chat with via Twitter channels. Our threaded conversations are powered through a connected Twittersphere that spreads our thoughts. 

Tonight, I send out a special thanks to the #LeadWithGiants community who declared me an official "Giant" among them. This is such an honor when you only know each other virtually. Articulation in 140 characters is precise when you want a global world to hear your voice come through loud and clear. 

Reflect - Connect - Flourish
in gardens of thoughtful dialogue with connected colleagues!

I also would like to thank the #SOL14 Community for their faithfulness to the task of crafting posts each week to engage the adult learner. Slice of Life is a weekly event hosted by Two Writing Teachers.

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