Sunday, December 11, 2016

Not Yet Ready

As the holidays approach, my hometown lights up like the brightest Christmas tree. Many outdoor exteriors are sparkling with a variety of decorations. White lights adorn most homes; colored lights are also seen; wreaths are hung with care. There are reindeer and snowmen properly placed on front lawns and one house has a giant dog sculpture greeting everyone who passes by. I am told it is a replica of the household dog. Even our cathedral is beginning to look more like Christmas as the priest made his way to the altar in a beautiful rose colored vestment tonight.

Christmas seems to be in the air, joy in the soul, and a chill outside. The snow has not yet made its way to Long Island, although I have been told that there were flurries in my little village this afternoon. While the town seems to be ready for the holidays, I celebrate the spirit of not yet ready as I wade through the last of the holiday boxes to prepare my home for the holiday celebration. 

Once my home is clutter free, I will be able to sit quietly in my living room admiring my tree and all the decorations that light up the inside of my home. 15 days left to prepare and the countdown begins. Not yet ready to the state of ready is where I hope to be soon.

clutter in the way
marking its territory
ready, get set, go
©CV, 2016

Did I mention that while I can exist in the state of temporary clutter, it makes me crazy? Where are the elves when I need them?

I Celebrate This Week with Ruth Ayres each weekend. You can access Ruth's site here. This week, Ruth has a message that I will treasure as I unwrap the last of the decorations in hopes of being ready!

I also celebrate #haikuforhealing, a December project created by Mary Lee Hahn for those who believe writing soothes the soul in turbulent times.

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