Sunday, December 18, 2016

Celebrate Writing Groups

When my soul needs a lift, I go to #celebratelu, the hashtag created by Ruth Ayres for Celebrate This Week writers, and #haikuforhealing group of writers, a community started by Mary Lee Hahn. They offer me either poetry or positivity. This weekend, I celebrate writing groups filled with those who live life to its fullest.

I celebrate the writing communities who send out their blogs via #celebratelu and #haikuforhealing for several reasons:
  1. Creativity flows as freely as a fountain
  2. Shared thoughts provide an entry into a new idea
  3. Writing friends filled with poetic and positive thoughts appreciate each other's work
  4. Love of language and writing is the universal bond
  5. Stresses are released during the act of writing
  6. All voices are honored
I wrote the poem below for #haikuforhealing last week before the prediction of a weather shift because the leaves were interfering in my decorating of the front lawn for the holidays. While I waited, not so patiently, for the gardener to arrive, I heard the news of the upcoming arctic blast and realized that my time was limited in decorating for Christmas. 

News flash! 
The arctic blast did come on Saturday, as predicted. Some of us in the neighborhood were surprised that it blew in quickly, leaving its mark across the lawns and streets.  I took a moment to reflect on my December 12th post, Writing Soothes the Soul, then, continued preparing for my holiday gathering with friends. 

arctic blast blew in
covering earth with its blanket
cozy time to write

I celebrate writing groups and the time to grow as a writer. Please visit #haikuforhealing and Celebrate This Week at Ruth Ayres' blog here

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