Friday, December 30, 2016

NYC Christmas

If you travel to New York City at Christmastime you will find a city lit up with glittering lights, majestic decorations, and milling crowds. This year was no exception but the crowds seemed to have increased and security was intensified.

Families were seen with cameras or phones in hand snapping photographs to savor the moments. I captured a few scenes and created a short video that can be viewed below.

While New York City was festive, Times Square and 5th Avenue by Rockefeller Center were so congested that it was disconcerting. Crowds were converging at corners, splitting to move here and there. Some people were pushing to pass through; shoving was common; peacefulness was not present in those spots. This may be due to the tourists wishing to see Trump Tower. 

The New York Times ran an article on December 22, 2016 that shows what I saw on Wednesday, December 28th. You can access it here.

During this past month, Mary Lee Hahn has been posting haikus at her site, Poetrepository, and invited others to join her at #haikuforhealing. I have been writing to soothe my soul. Below is my offering written after my family traveled to New York City for a lovely lunch at Becco's followed by a New York City walk-about.

For your information, the news is reporting that 2 million people will be present in Times Square tomorrow night for the dropping of the ball. I will be watching the event on television and hoping for a sense of decorum and civility returning to New York City's streets.

Please visit Party Poetry Friday hosted by fellow writer Donna Smith at her blog, Mainely Write for this week's round-up. Donna is presenting a "bold" haiku to start the festivities. Happy New Year to all.

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