Sunday, December 4, 2016

Gratitude for #Kinderpoets

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Gratitude is a small package of warmth reaching open hearts and minds. I am sending my thanks to a Massachusetts teacher and her kinders who accepted my invitation to write alongside me for my upcoming Autumnventure Gallery. 

Christie Wyman and her #WymanWonders, a Kindergarten class of interested young poets, and I struck up an interesting relationship via Twitter this year. It resulted in several tweets, emails, a shared Google Doc and a pathway to writing using the season of autumn as a backdrop for the integration of poetry, technology, and art. 

Flip flopping between a nondigital platform and a digital one, Christie's kinders have not only embraced the spirit of the #poetrylove hashtag but went beyond talking about fall to creating list poems with illustrations. Their voices rose in a collective chorus to become a global conduit for spreading the joy of appreciating poetry year round. 

You can see the Wyman's Wonders class poem and the above video featuring individual kinder poems and Christie's poem, Season for the Senses, at my Autumnventure Gallery that will be unveiled soon.

What are the ingredients for a class' poetic journey into digital writing?

A passionate teacher 
a group of engaged learners 
interest and desire to notice & wonder
collaborative talk as a pre-writing stage
a creative environment to spark writing from talk
the writing process leading to poetic writing
digital tools to support, inspire, and create
reflection, feedback, and celebration

My gratitude is extended to Christie Wyman and Wyman's Wonder who eagerly engaged in sharing their voices for a global share-out of #poetrylove.

Please visit #DigilitSunday at Margaret Simon's blog site here to read what the community is writing on Margaret's topic of gratitude. 

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