Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Tis the Season to Celebrate

As fast as the snow came in, it was swept away on Sunday morning with the loud pelting of the rain. When that subsided, temperatures rose, then sprinkling raindrops fell. As my guests arrived for a holiday gathering, another loud sound arose but it was not the weather. Some guests shouted with glee. Others were startled. All ran outside to see and hear what happened. Can you guess what occurred?

It was not a flying saucer nor a commotion from the sky. 

There were lots of dazzling lights and loud fire truck sounds creating quite a stir in the neighborhood. For those who do not live on my side of the village, it was a brand new sight. For us who do live in the northern part of Rockville Centre, we were delighted to find a long parade of South Hempstead Fire Department trucks leading a very large sleigh filled with excited children and the grand master of the Christmas holidays, Santa Claus. It was Santa's annual Sunday-night-before-Christmas visit to the neighborhood. With a swoosh of light and sound, the firemen and Santa brought cheer and well wishes to all for a happy holiday.

As the holiday season officially starts, it is best to remember that life can be merry and bright beyond the holiday. What we need to do is be of good cheer, positive in spirit, and live life to its fullest potential. Let's bring on the spirit of the holidays at this time of year and continue it throughout 2017. It is our gift to our family, children, and students. 
Celebrate - Reflect - Live Life with a Positive Stance

soundtracks from santa
swoosh, swirl, shoutout cheer to all
2017 harmony
©CV, 2016

I am sharing my celebration slice with Two Writing Teachers , DigiLit Sunday, and #haikuforhealingwishing all a happy holiday season.

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