Friday, October 6, 2017

Autumn Invites Change

Autumn is just beginning to settle in on Long Island. Evenings grow shorter and a few trees are popping color. While enjoying the first views of autumn, I decided it would be fun to play with words in ABC fashion. Take an autumn walk with me.

(The Abecedarian format introduced by my colleague, Michelle H. Barnes, continues to intrigue me as you will see below. You can see Michelle's padlet full of abecedarian poetry for September's TLD challenge here.)  

brings brilliant colors
dazzling earth.
Photo by Kent Kristensen

Each fall, golden gourds &
hued harvests inspire, joyful
life living moments.
Photo by Carol Varsalona

Maize-colored moonlit
nudges October.
Photo by kmechling

Observing patterned, 
rust-colored reflections,
seasonal senses soar,
turning time toward
Thanksgiving. Then,
Unpredictable, volume-packed winds
Swirling winds toss leaves (Pinterest)

wisk xanthic, yowling zombies
zeroing toward winter wonders.
©CVarsalona, 2017

Earlier this week, I wrote a post, Red Leaf Calling that started me thinking about fall, even though I could not get enough of summer. This is probably because of the summer-like weather here. If you are thinking about fall, join me for my autumn gallery, Autumn Ablaze. An official invitation for autumn offerings will be coming out soon. (You can also see a Golden Shovel format poem I wrote and photos I digitized for my blog post, Summer Fades Into Fall, on the Wonderopolis' Wonder Ground here.) 

Fellow blogger-poet, Violet Nesdoly, has a Pumpkin Edition for Poetry Friday today. I am late to arrive at Violet's pumpkin patch but eager to enjoy her hospitality and ode to pumpkins.


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