Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Motion of Autumn Leaves

And softly through the altered air
hurries a timid leaf.
-Emily Dickinson

On an ordinary autumn day, I witnessed an interesting phenomenon. A leaf storm kicked up in front of me as I walked the nature trail in our local state park. In bustling fashion, multi-colored leaves twisted and turned. They whirled, glided, and gently swooped to earth. The movement was quick. In the aftermath, there was stillness.

At another site, I found suspended leaves, 
beautifully placed against an autumn sky.

Further along the path, a cluster of leaves
appeared to be pasted onto a fence.

When I notice, there is much to see and write about.
These image poems will most likely be 
included at my #AutumnAblaze Gallery.

It's Slice of Life Tuesday at Two Writing Teachers.
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