Friday, October 20, 2017

Autumn Writing

I look out my window each day, wondering what new surprise nature will provide. I slowly discover a rhythm, inspired by the tinges of autumn I see. Writing finds its way into morning. I settle in. From consciousness to paper, words appear as I reveal my inner thoughts. What starts as a glimmer of an idea becomes a messy synthesis of flowing words. With faith and a rewrite, voice will rise on wings that fly. 


While leaf peeping is not a robust activity on Long Island this October, I seek autumnal beauty through the eyes of others. 

My colleague, Sylvia Vardell, captures the beauty of autumn's colors in the following image poem.

Thanks to my friend, Barbara VanIderstine, 
her magnificent photo of upstate New York provided me with inspiration to create a tribute to autumn.


Today is the National Day On Writing. 
I celebrate the power of the written word through poetry.

Why do you write? 
Share your thoughts on social media with the hashtag #WhyIWrite.


Share your digital expressions on the beauty of autumn at my upcoming gallery, #AutumnAblaze. The invitation can be accessed here.

I'm off on a leaf-peeping adventure but before I go, I am checking in with others at Poetry Friday

Today's Poetry Friday roundup is hosted is my writing friend, Leigh Anne Eck who offered the following for Autumn Ablaze. Her poem was inspired by Terje Akke's photo of autumn in Estonia.


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